Department of Play offers two specific services that help make your game a more successful product. Each is precisely engineered to deliver better revenues, retention and player engagement through careful tailoring to each game and team’s individual needs.

Product review

Applying a thorough, analytical deconstructive process, Department of Play’s product review gives you a comprehensive overview of your game’s problems and a clear path to improvement.

Via a process of play, research and data analysis of your game and its competitors, we provide you with a document that scrutinises current failing. From these problem statements we build and define a series of new features and suggested tweaks that will tackle the product issues and result in improved commercial performance.

Our clients use our product reviews to evaluate publishing opportunities, focus in-development titles and turn around live games.

Simply put, a Department of Play product review leverages our product expertise to identify challenges and opportunities that will power your game to increased performance. It acts as the beginning of a longer term relationship between Department of Play and your team.


Our team of designers, full-stack engineers and artists explore your game concept and iterate it to deliver a device playable build. Department of Play brings the skills, experience and collaboration required to help your game start with the correct foundations for growth.

We prototype independently from your team, potentially providing a ‘second opinion’ to internal prototyping efforts, or are able to work more collaboratively.

The Department of Play Unity Framework (DoPUF) is a foundational framework that features a ready-made architecture and commonly required SDKs. DoPUF unlocks an iterative workflow where we deliver regular cloud-built playables while working to precisely to test and refine ideas. 

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