Our consultancy services are completely bespoke, so if you don’t see the service you’re looking for below send us an email.

Product management
Product review

Our most popular product, and a great place to start. 

We take a deep dive into your game and those of your competitors through play and data gathering. Then we provide you with benchmarking metrics and features, insight into your product’s strengths and suggestions for improvements. Every review is tailored to your needs; we can focus widely or on specific areas of interest.

A product review can add value at all stages of development – from paper concepts to live games, and everything in between. Our clients use product reviews to evaluate publishing opportunities, focus in-development titles and turn around live games.

In-game economy review

Using our own unique framework, we can model in-game economies using player behavior heuristics. This model provides a powerful insight into the effectiveness of your in-game economy and where it can be improved.

For even more accurate modelling, we can also use Monte Carlo simulation techniques to demonstrate the potential for variance and other behavior in complex game economies.

Concept development

See our Angry Birds case study for how we helped Rovio turn an idea into a playable product.

Design development & documentation

We develop a simple concept into a fully planned and documented idea. By focusing on player psychographics and design pillars as a backbone for cohesive design, we can transform your concept into a game that players actually want to play. 

Our Game Design Documents present a complete picture, not just of the mechanics, monetization and features, but also the reasons why your game should be made.

Playable prototyping

We assemble a team of designers, full-stack engineers and artists to build something you can play. 

We apply continuous integration techniques to deliver regular playables as we develop the concept, so you can test early and often, and find the fun along with us.

Visual style development

Our artists work with you to develop one or more styles, creating concept pieces that allow you to experience how a game will look and feel.

User acquisition
User acquisition review

We deep dive into your current UA activity across all advertising channels and produce a detailed, actionable set of recommendations – from topline strategy to channel optimization and creative development.


We can work alongside you or members of your team on a specific project to provide face-to-face training and to promote the development of valuable real-world skills.


We hold in-studio workshops and presentations on subjects as broad as ‘designing games for Western audiences’ and ‘the fundamentals of user acquisition’.

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