I wrote this book as a complete introduction to F2P, covering game design, psychology, marketing and analytics in an easily digestible manner. Over the years I’ve been excited to see the paperback on the desks and bookshelves of some of the world’s best game makers – it’s become the book on the subject.

Will Luton – Department of Play founder.

Free-to-Play: Making Money From Games You Give Away explains how to use the business model that has revolutionized the videogames industry, creating huge hits, multi-billion dollar start-ups and a new deal for players.

Written as an accessible and complete guide to the F2P model; You’ll discover how F2P economics work, how to design games that keep players, how to gather and use data, how to market your game and everything else you need to build, run and make money from games you give away.

  • Psychology behind player decisions and the motivations to play
  • Simple and accessible explanations of the maths and economic theories behind F2P, including worked examples
  • Processes for capturing and using player data to improve your game
  • Marketing tips on positioning your app and attracting players
  • Plus: A downloadable F2P spreadsheet, articles from the author, a foreword by NimbleBit co-founder Ian Marsh and an interview with Zynga CEO, Mark Pincus.
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